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Truly Unique Wildlife Habitat:

These 338 (NRCS data) acres in the Missouri Breaks have been managed exclusively for wildlife for the last 25 years.  The ranch is in the middle of the population of record-breaking bull elk which makes the Missouri Breaks famous.  Brief descriptors follow:


  • 338 deeded acres (NRCS data). There are also 40 acres of state land within the block.  It is one square block behind one fence.

  • Abundant Elk, mule deer, antelope, mountain lions have all been taken on this property or on the adjacent public land.

  • Large populations of turkeys, sharptail grouse, greater sage-grouse, doves.

  • Two permanent ponds plus small sections of Upper Two-Calf Creek.

  • Completely healthy native range.

  • Legal access from County Road < 1/4 mile to the north of property.

  • BLM public lands on three sides.

  • Electricity < 1/4 mile north from boundary.

  • Close to, but not in, the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.

Sale Pending!Montana Land With Airstrip For Sale:

1200 ft. (more or less) bush runway.  Used by cub or C-180 type aircraft. .. A Hunter's Dream.

The property is readily accessible from the Fergus County road , 1/4 mile to the north.  That said, the 1200' of runway has been used many times by cub/ C-180 type aircraft.  It is a bush strip about 50 feet wide with the sage removed.  It runs E-W  and parallel to the road running through the property.  There are open approaches and go-around opportunities from either direction.

 The land abounds with large herds of elk, deer, and antelope.  It is a mosaic of timber, shrub-steppe, grassland, and riparian areas along the creek and ponds.  There is a sharptail lek (dancing ground) on the property, and a greater sage-grouse lek on the BLM ground 1/4 mile to the west of the boundary.  Broods of both species of grouse are frequently seen in the area of the ponds in August.  Turkeys were released here about 10 years ago and the population has exploded.  Any time you get game in high concentrations, it is followed by predators.  Mountain lions have been taken in the BLM just off the boundary.  Because of its high wildlife value and access to large tracks of public lands, this property has been in Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks - Block Management for many years.  This is an annual contract, any new landowner would have the right to accept/reject on a yearly basis.  

There are multiple secluded cabin sights on the property, a particularly nice one just S of the runway.  

This land is surrounded by large ranches and or public lands (BLM and MT State).  A piece this size in "big ranch country" is truly unique in Montana and while it is small (affordable) by local standards, it provides access to very large tracks of public lands.  It has been treated with respect and is in beautiful condition.  Quite frankly, there has been quite a bit of protein harvested off this land by me and my family and many enjoyable memories made there.  The kids have moved away.   I spend much of my time flying airplanes and don't hunt much any more.  It is time for it to go to the next resident.  $298,500.00   Call Ralph:    (406) 462-5487 or email at:    .   
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