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"If you like flying in the boonies...
If you like grass runways...
If you like landing on postage stamps and giving back change...
This is your bird...."  Jim Campbell,
Aero-TV News,      25 May, 2010

CubCrafters Aircraft:
Modern materials, manufacturing principles, and methods applied to a timeless design:

CubCrafters does a fantastic job on their website describing the aircraft they produce.  We will link you to their site in appropriate places for descriptions, prices, performance, photos of available equipment, and specs.   Don't forget to come back!

CarbonCub Supersport (LSA):
This is the newest offering from Cubcrafters and a truly spectacular performer. A completely stock CarbonCub SS recently won the most prestigious short takeoff and landing contest in Valdez, Alaska, against the experimental unlimited bush class.  It took off and landed on a windless day in less than 140 feet total distance.  

At Sun-n-fun in Florida, a stock CarbonCub piloted by a man with less than 6 hours on floats, won the short takeoff contest on floats there.   There is no secret, CubCrafters has engineered a safer, stronger cub that weighs around 900 lbs propelled by a modernized 0-320 Lycoming engine (which has lost 40 lbs) that is rated at 180 hp. for takeoff.  Its power to weight ratio enables it to climb to 7,500 ft. from sea level in 5 minutes.  It is more powerful per pound than a P-51.   In cruise and at altitude, it can burn as little as 5.0 gal/hour at better than 100 mph....not bad for a cub which can land and take off on a football field.....sideways!.  

Imagine the camping, fishing, hunting spots available with this kind of performance!  Imagine the pure fun and what you can experience with the windows down, flying low, and slow on afternoons when the winds are quiet and the lighting is beautiful...  

Below are links to additional information on the CarbonCub SuperSport:  Additionally, don't hesitate to contact us at              From CubCrafters:  Info on CarbonCubSS                   How to Buy a CarbonCub:

SportCub S-2 (LSA):
I have more than 250 hours in a SportCub and I have loved every one of them.  Most of the photos in this website have been taken on adventures I have had in Idaho, Montana, or Oshkosh in that SportCub.  A SportCub is basically the same aircraft as a CarbonCub SS, but with less horsepower (100 hp) and less weight.  If you choose to convert to E-LSA (most aircraft produced by CubCrafters are ultimately converted from S-LSA to E-LSA), then you can opt for the engine performance package which includes high compression pistons that will be stock in Continental's new 0-200-D engines.  The high compression pistons coupled with the optional 4 into none exhaust may be generating as much as 120 hp ...another spectacular performer from CubCrafters.  In this aircraft too you can cruise at 100 mph and burn as little as 4.0 gallons/hour.  Or, you can add a notch of flaps and fly "rock solid" at 55-60mph.   It is a beautifully balanced, and strong performing aircraft.  I have loved mine.

For more information:           From CubCrafters:     Info on Sport Cub                      How to buy a SportCub:   

CubCrafters Top Cub:
If you don't need the advantages of LSA, and want a modern and dependable airplane to carry you,  plus your hunting buddy, plus all your gear, and most of an elk out of an off-airport strip, (2300# legal gross weight) here is the aircraft. 

Certainly Top Cubs appeal to bush pilots, and the airplane can be ordered with optional tundra tires (up to 35"), skis or amphibious floats, along with belly pods to further increase cargo and fuel capacity. But this is also the choice of any adventure-seeking pilot, as the same capabilities that lend themselves to exploring the Alaskan wilderness make for a great camping, fishing and hunting expedition, as well as cross-country sight-seeing.  If you have any questions, contact us at:      
  From CubCrafters:         Top Cub Information:              
How to buy a top Cub

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