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We are the first CubCrafters  Certified Build Center for CarbonCub EX Kits:

CubCrafters offers so much; why would you build a CarbonCub EX Kit?

Options, Options, Options;  If you are an airplane builder, enjoy do-it-yourself projects, and ultimately want to build an airplane which can take off in less than 60 feet, this is an option.  If you don't need to certify as LSA and want a 1865 lb gross weight aircraft, this is an option.   If you want auxillary tanks for more fuel, or a belly-pod, this is a option.  Want a radial engine?  Want to do your own maintenance and sign it off?  Want to add accessories but don't want to go through the task of CubCrafters approval?   CubCrafters simply cannot offer customized aircraft...they tried it and it didn't work causing time-lags in the production line.  A CarbonCub EX Kit is your answer. 

  If you need assist in building, TheCubWorks can refer you to Blue Sky Aviation in Lewistown.  Noel Simmons, has completed 37 aircraft including CarbonCubEX, has spent time at the CubCrafters factory, knows the CarbonCub EX kit inside and out.  We recommend you review the possibilities of the CarbonCub EX here.

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