Aircraft sales throughout USA and Canada.

The "runway-optional" lifestyle!

If you are a long time cub jockey, or someone who has always dreamed of flying to a remote fishing hole or beach, or if you are new to aviation but have a dream of learning to fly, we can help you.

In the General Aviation fleet, nothing gives you the feel of becoming part of the sky like light aircraft.  If you are a first-time pilot, a Sport Pilot license can be acquired in as little as 20 hours of instruction If you are healthy, have a drivers license, and are tired of the anguish and expense of an annual airman's medical, LSA can be the solution. I use, support, and specialize in aircraft made by CubCrafters .  They are simply the best utility aircraft made...whether Part 23 certificated, or LSA. Nothing takes off shorter, lands shorter, or hauls more than these airplanes.  The Carbon Cub is winning short take-off contests from Florida (on floats) to Alaska.  

Please look closely at the  "Events/News" page to see where we will be showing our inventory.... I will enjoy seeing you.

Please explore this site for more detailed explanations of our sales and services; enjoy the photos, get to know us and our qualifications a little better, and imagine the places you'll go !

Don't hesitate to contact us:   (406) 462-5487 ............    or  mobile  (406) 350-5487
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